A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This project attempts to create a tutorial program demo that offer opportunity for users to learn and practice British Sign Language (BSL) vocabulary. I had wanted to develop a machine learning program that could take advantage of BSL’s expressive nature to create an artistic image.

Please note that input from Leap Motion is glitchy so it may take several tries to get it to recognise your handshape (sign) correctly.

Install instructions

You will need to have a leap motion, and have Processing (https://processing.org/) and Wekinator (http://www.wekinator.org/) installed first to play this. If not, you can still have a look at one of the Processing file called 'Output_10_Classes_DTW' to get an idea of what this project is like.

  1. Open both Processing programs:
    1. ‘Inputs_21_DTW’
    2. Output_10_Classes_DTW’.
  2. Open the software Wekinator-Kadenze.
    1. Click on the button ‘Done’.
    2. Load the Project named ‘Wekinator.wekproj’ which can be found inside the folder ‘Wekinator’.
    3. Start listening on port 6448.
    4. Click on ‘Run’ button.
  3. Run both Processing programs open.
    1. Put them side to side.
  4. Connect the Leap Motion.
    1. Ensure that Leap Motion is in Desktop mode
    2. Ensure that the green light is facing toward you.
  5. Click on any of 5 buttons offered within UI window (Output_10_Classes_DTW) to see a video clip of a BSL sign.
  6. Ensure that Leap Motion window (Inputs_21_DTW) is clicked on before attempting to sign.
  7. While signing, have a look at bottom of UI window to see what it is you’re signing.

Good luck!


MachineLearningBSLDemo.zip 10 MB

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