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A brief demo of a game concept which is based on Avatar, the Last Airbender (anime series) using InteractML (http://interactml.com/ -  a plug in for Unity) for creative inputs. Inspired by Avatar I used three different tai chi influenced movements.

Please have a look at this video below to see what the movements are before you try this out for yourself:

This demo was created for InteractML first game jam to test out InteractML so it is very much still work in process. The result is highly promising as you can see from the video below, even though it may take couple of tries to get it working correctly.

To the side, there are screenshots of IML Graph  that I created for machine learning training using both Dynamic Time Warping (DTW) and Regression algorithms. 

Install instructions

You will require Oculus Quest headset and two Oculus Quest controllers to play this.  Other Oculus VR or those that can utilise OpenVR might work too but have not been tested. 

For desktop Oculus  please download and unzip the folder. Ensure you keep everything in the folder as it is.

Click on 'Avatar InteractML' application to play.

When you do one of the movements as showed in a video above, please click the left index trigger at the start of the movement, and again at the end of the movement for the machine learning (DTW) to recogonise which movement you just did. This may require several tries.

You will know if you triggered correctly when the demo seems to pause for a bit as the machine learning processed it.

There are only three movements that will trigger three posssible outcome visible as the water ball change shape.

Please ignore the other element spheres as I did not have the time to train the machine learning for those yet.

Have fun!


Oculus Desktop: Avatar InteractML Demo 51 MB

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